Cleaning your Steel Chef 

Initial cleaning - Steel Chef cookware will ship out of our Minnesota location after it has gone through our proprietary cleaning and preparation process. They are hand oiled to prevent any rust while the product is being shipped. Once you receive your steel we recommend cleaning with hot water and a small amount of soap. Right after this process you will need to begin the seasoning of the steel immediately to prevent it from rust. CLICK HERE for seasoning procedure. 

After meal cleaning - Below are the step to clean you Steel Chef products. After properly seasoning your steel, cleanup is as easy and quick. You will enjoy how simple the process is.  

Steel Chef Stove Tops/Grill Tops 

Things you will need to clean your Steel Chef for stove top or grill use 
  • Steel Chef Oil - recommended (or oil of your choice)
  • Lint free cloth 
  • Grill or stove top
  1. When you are done cooking your favorite meals and the steel is still hot just spray some water onto the surface. 

  2. As the water hits the Steel Chef plate it will steam off which in turn breaks free any particles that may be attached to the steel surface. 

  3. Using a scraper direct all the particles and liquid into the Steel Chef drain holes and into the drip pan. 

  4. With low heat on the Steel Chef will be free of any moisture.

  5. After all the moisture has evaporated apply a thin layer of our recommended Steel Chef Oil onto the top side of the steel. This will protect the steel from moisture and well as prep it for your next meal. 

Once the cleaning is completed allow enough time for it to cool off before you attempt to store the steel. Every time your Steel Chef is used you should see a darker color to the steel. The more you use the better your food will be!  

Steel Chef Pizza Steel 

Things you will need to clean your Steel Chef Pizza Steel 

  • Steel Chef Oil - recommended (or oil of your choice)
  • Lint free cloth
  • Scraper 
  1. After use let the Pizza Steel cool off

  2. Once cooled remove the steel from the oven  

  3. Scrap off any food particles on the surface of the steel. 

  4. If thorough cleaning is necessary, you may need to use a more abrasive material such as steel wool or soap and water. If this happens you will need to re-season the steel immediately.  CLICK HERE for seasoning instructions. 

Every time you use the steel you will see a darker color to the steel after the process is complete. This is completely normal.  For cooking instruction please CLICK HERE



  • Put Steel Chef steels in a dishwasher
  • Use soap for cleaning 
  • Store in damp environment