About us

Katie Sanson, Owner of Steel Chef LLC, has been cooking for a family of 5 for quite some time.  Born and raised in Stoughton Wisconsin she quickly became passionate about cooking at a young age.  In 2009 she married and moved to Dodge Center Minnesota to start a new chapter in life with her husband and soon to arrive 3 children.

On July 30th 2018, the seed for Steel Chef was planted, she made her first cooking steels for family and friends.  This exciting journey has slowly scaled to the company that it is today. In 2021 she decided the take things to the next level and scale the brand into what it is today. To date her company operates in a facility that cuts, bends, cleans, oils and ships under one roof all while boasting a 100% made in America product.    

The Steels Flow

Steel Chefs facility consists of over 20,000 Sq Ft of manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities. Starting with our design teams that help design and program our state-of-the-art CNC equipment. 

Advanced CNC Laser Cutting 

After the design team completes their tasks, it moves to our CNC team's equipment. Here the product gets laser cut out of large American made cooking steel sheets. The laser offers the most premium cut profile with insane precision and speed.  This in return helps us offer a high-quality product for a low cost for you to enjoy. 

Hi-Strength Bending 

Depending on which product you've ordered your cooking steel may go straight to out cleaning process or it may go to our giant press brake that is used to form the edges on some of our products. Our products are bent using a CNC machine capable of producing 270Ton or bending force! Truely impressive for sure!  This process helps us place strategic and aesthetic bend on our products with extreme precision and durability.

Clean Welding 

Once it's through the bending process it then moves to our certified welding department.  Here we utilize the experience of high qualified and certified welders. This team puts the extra attention into detail and cleanliness with every welded part ensuring a good clean weld suitable for your cooking steel. 

The Cleaning 

After the welding is complete then comes the most important part of the cooking steels journey, the cleaning. We pay special attention to the cleaning process to ensure your steel is ready for you to enjoy. The first process in cleaning is bead blasting the steel so we can ensure a nice clean finish.  We use a bead blasting system that consists of a 60' room capable of generating 200CFM of blasting power. What does that mean you ask? Insane deep cleaning capabilities compared to competitors using small sandblasting units that have power restrictions and may contaminate the steel with the type of blast media they use such as sand. After the bead blasting process, it is then moved to a hand washing station that uses a special cleaning method to ensure it is ready for your use. Once that step is complete, we then hand oil the steel to protect it from any rust in transit to your home.